There are a variety of ways to join the Harrogate Borough Council’s diving squad training programme.
Squad Testing
Throughout the year there will be two or three squad testing dates set. Divers from any level of the Learn to Dive scheme that have been identified as having a good level of natural ability for diving will be invited to take part in the testing session.
Testing sessions will comprise both dry land and pool testing. The aim of which is to go through some very basic level skills to test the divers physicality, mentality and ability to learn skills. These tests are designed to identify talent and future potential, rather than the diver’s current experience and skill level.
Divers who are selected from the testing day will be invited to join the Pre-Comp squad.
Squad Trials
Divers who may have moved from another diving programme or are currently in the higher levels of the Harrogate Learn to Dive programme, may be invited to join one of the competitive squads on  trial basis. Divers will train in the squad for a pre-determined period (usually four to six weeks) where the coach will assess them and decide if they are performing at the appropriate level for that group.
If the diver is meeting the appropriate standard for the squad they will be permanently moved into the squad.
If the diver is not currently meeting the standard of the squad, they will either return to their previous group, be moved into a more appropriate group, or their trial period maybe extended.
Primary Schools Talent Identification Programme (TID)
On an annual basis Harrogate Borough Council in partnership with Harrogate District Diving Club and the ASA, run a talent search programme through the schools in the Harrogate district.
Diving coaches will visit primary schools within the area and deliver a testing session to pupils and identify talented children to be invited to a second diving specific day of testing at the Hydro.
After the second phase of testing a special TID squad of divers will be selected and train together as a fast track group to move them through to competitive diving more quickly.
If you require any further information regarding how to join the squad training programme please contact the Senior Diving Coach at