Learn to Dive Small

Diving ranks amongst the most exciting and spectacular of sports – and heroes are born on those boards! If you’ve ever fancied giving it a go, you’re lucky. With its 5 metre high board, two 1 metre and 3 metre springboards, the Hydro in Harrogate runs one of the most successful diving development programmes in the country.

How to book a lesson
We have diving lessons available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons.

Lessons are 45 minutes or one hour long depending on level and are booked in terms. Payment is for the full term via monthly direct debit.  Lessons are run by Harrogate Borough Council, not the Harrogate Diving Club; lesson details can be obtained from the Hydro Reception on telephone no. 01423 556767. Click the HBC logo to see similar info on the Harrogate Borough Council website.


Children’s Lessons Age 6+

The non-competitive diving programme follows a six-stage scheme progressing through the ASA diving award scheme, Divers will also cover additional skills to aid their development in the sport.

All lessons are 45 minutes long and follow a scheme of work specifically designed to help children learn the fundamental skills of diving.  Despite being non-competitive, there may be opportunities for children who show potential to move across into the Performance Diving Scheme and therefore focus on becoming a competitive diver.

Masters Diving 14+ years

This is a relaxed, mixed ability session  – and a great way to learn new skills, meet new people and keep fit at the same time. The coach will help you to realise your own ambitions, whether this is to achieve a simple head first entry from the side of the pool, or to master a full set of competition dives – the choice is yours.A new starter must attend a six week introductory course where the coach will take you through some basic diving skills and techniques from the poolside and the boards to get you started. Once the six week course is completed you can switch to attending on a pay-as-you-go basis.